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    1. Thanks so much, Karen. I love hearing from readers! Don’t forget to add this website to your favourites on your browser and visit often for blog updates. Also, please sign up for my Newsletter to receive exclusive information on new releases and sales!

  1. I just got done reading Falquen’s Nest. It so reminds me of my relationship with my true love. I would so love to read more about them. Such great life like characters.

    1. Wow, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. If you enjoyed Falquen’s Nest, be sure to read the rest of the series of four These Bones books. Not only will you read more about Falquen and Janie, you’ll also read about the other guys in the band and follow them in their own love stories.

  2. Hiya Maria,

    Just wondered if House of Goths2 will be available on Amazon/Kindle at some point?

    Ive read everything else that you’ve done and have been waiting for ‘spiky Goth’s’ story for ages!
    I know it is on Wattpad, but I do prefer Kindle.

    Cheers matey


    1. Hey Ali,
      Yes, Belonging will be published to Amazon, iTunes, B&N and Kobo as soon as it is ready, later this year. Please, check back here for updates! Thanks for asking. đŸ™‚

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